About Me

My name is Brenda and photography is my passion.   Time passes quickly, a moment is experienced once and gone.  The joy of my art is that I get to capture some of those moments so that you can enjoy and share those moments for years.  I shoot a mix of portrait and lifestyle photography styles.brenda-1

Long, Long, long ago back in high school I became an officer in our local FFA chapter, my role was reporter, then Regional reporter and later President.  I had never used a “professional” camera before and was entrusted with the chapters camera. I had to learn pretty fast and on the fly, my ag teacher showed me how to change the film, gave me the manual, a few pointers and sent me out to take photos.  My photos were used for the local newspaper photo and article submissions I was responsible for.  I was also responsible for the creation of the annual awards banquet slideshow and scrapbook of our activities through the year.  

Back in the film days, you were limited as to how many shots you could take, I had a budget in high school and each and every shot needed to count.  I learned to anticipate moments and when to press the shutter and pray that when it was developed I had captured the moment.  I was able to capture not just the awards, the officer portraits, but the candids.  The hugs, the tears, the dumping people in water troughs, the laughter…the STORY and it’s still what I love today.  It’s why my photography style is a mix of posed portraits and moments simply unfolding on their own without any queue from me.   


I have gone from being a kid dropping my film off at the kodak photo hut, the darkroom developing to the digital age of developing the images now on computer.   One thing remains the same, photography is timeless and moments captured are precious to us for many different reasons.  In my eyes, I’m not just a photographer, I’m a storyteller.  And there you have it, the full monty!