Day 4 Light Streaks & Starbursts


The challenge:  Light streaks and starbursts, long exposure photography.  It was warmer than it has been lately, so I grabbed my camera and tripod and went out to shoot some light trails.  I tried two different spots, grabbed some shots and got to cold (forgot gloves) so I headed home.  The first shot I wish I’d had more height but I captured the starburst streetlights and streaking tail and headlights.  The second shot, I decided to go over to the bridge and try getting the shot from above.  Settings for the Auto zone shot: 30.0 seconds,  f/16, 100 ISO.  Settings for the bridge shot 10.0 seconds, f/16, 100ISO.


Lessons learned:

1. Bridges vibrate and move.  Every time a car or truck went by it caused enough vibration to mess up the photos.  Not the best location to shoot from, long exposure anyway.  You can see it in the second photo.  I stopped and tried a shot of traffic ON the bridge and you can see the result.  Cool effect but yeah, not what I wanted.

2.  Lens hood definitely helps keep some of the ambient city light out.  Need to get an ND filter for this lens.

3.  Traffic.  You need traffic that is moving continuously for a nicer shot.  The traffic light that had everyone stopped during the longer exposure shows the gaps in the streaks.  20160203-BKN_0984

4. Twilight.  I think shooting at twilight would add to the image, the purplish blue sky you see at that time of day. Plus there would probably be more traffic at that hour.


Tripod, Nikon D610, 85mm 1.8G Nikkor lens.day4collage