Day 2 Photo Challenge


Don’t act surprised, you had to know something Star Wars would make the challenge.  When one cannot find a model, one must make due with whats lying around.  (Thank you Cowleys and Kozyaks, these were a couple of the Star Wars items you’ve gifted me that saved the day).

The challenge for me was trying to light the trooper without blowing him completely out and also light the shiny notebook behind him without reflections from the light source.  I think it turned out ok, after four attempts I was able to lose the reflections on the notebook while keeping it lit, and keep the trooper lit.

BKN_0877-Edit Day2_2016

I used a simple one light set up.  A Honeycombed strobe to camera right, with barn doors (trying to light the shiny notebook in background without reflections) and a white board to reflect light back on camera left side. Strobe at 1/8th power (lowest setting).

My camera equipment used for this day were:

Nikon D610

Nikkor 85.0mm f/1.8 G lens

250w studio strobe/monolight w/honeycomb and barndoors.

Piece of white foam as reflector.


1/200th f/3.2, ISO 100